In the construction industry, steel frames have become the answer to a multitude of dilemmas faced by architects, builders, and homeowners alike. Steel’s strength to weight ratio is unparalleled, it’s non-flamable, and it allows for massive design flexibility, but our favourite reason for choosing steel is simple; it’s good for the earth.

To save you the time of combing through industry reports and scientific analyses, we’ve compiled all the reasons that steel is the most moral choice of building material. As consumers become ever more conscious of their impact on the environment, Steel becomes more of a no-brainer every day.

Steel frames are 100% recyclable

Steel frames can be entirely recycled without any loss of quality. It is estimated that for each ton of steel which is recycled, it saves iron ore of around one and a half-ton, coal around half a ton and water around 40% which is generally used in the conventional production process. In fact, the Truecore Steel that we use in our frames is partially made from recycled steel, which vastly lowers the environmental impact of your next build.

Steel frames are durable

Due to the steel’s strength and flexibility, building structure lasts longer compared to the other traditional building material. That means that you’ll be utilizing fewer resources on upkeep, not to mention spending less money.

Steel frames are resistant to pests and insects

In comparison to wooden construction materials, steel frames cannot become infested with pests and insects. Additionally, steel cannot absorb moisture, which prevents mould buildup. As a result, homeowners do not need any specific treatment to protect it, ultimately making steel a healthier alternative for humans and the environment.

Steel frames are energy savers

Steel is the most versatile building material on the market, and it’s compatible with every other material as well. Why is this important? Well, if you’re thinking about installing solar panels or other energy saving devices, you’re going to want the more options, not less, right?

Steel frames are fire safe

Steel is an ideal choice for building in areas with elevated bushfire risk, as its non-flamable nature ensures that it does provide extra fuel to the fire. On top of this, properly constructed steel framing can preserve a building’s structure when exposed to the extreme heat of bushfire.

Wrapping Up

Building your next house with GNL frames is a huge investment for the future of the Earth, as well as your bank account. Durability, fire safety, recyclability, and energy-saving features, make steel frames almost incomparable to the alternative construction materials, such wood or aluminum.

So there you have it, not only is it safe, and stylish, steel’s saving the planet.

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