Oran Park Fire Station

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Great things have happened over the past several months. One of our milestones was producing steel frames for some larger commercial projects, the latest project being the new 2 storey Oran Park Fire Station. When a building that houses life saving equipment and machinery is in the works, it makes sense to be made with

Work Health And Safety on site

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Work Health & Safety is of utmost importance to us in our factory, on the road and on site. This video from SafeWork NSW demonstrates a few scenarios and provides practical information on how to ensure the site is maintained and is kept safe and secured when unattended. Keep it secure. Keep it clean. Keep it safe.

Why Steel Frames are Your Best Bet in Bushfire-Prone Areas

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Steel frames are the innovation of today that make your homes, schools, old homes or any property a safer place to live. Steel is used in the structural infrastructure, specifically properties that are built in the areas prone to bushfires such as the regions surrounding Australia. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance