In an industry where innovation in construction materials and building techniques are constantly evolving, a home constructed around a steel frame seems a normal progression.

In an industry still dominated by the use of timber frames and roof trusses, the directors saw an opportunity to offer an alternative to the market place: High strength steel frames and trusses at a cost effective and competitive price.

They also saw the benefits of steel construction using the latest CAD based detailing software coupled with specialised computer operated machinery that allows for consistent and accurate sizing of all necessary components.

Their open web joist system in 2 storey designs, allows for simple and fast installation of services such as air conditioning ductwork, electrical, data cabling & plumbing without the need to cut through traditional solid timber joists.

GNL Frame & Truss offers a “one stop” supply and install solution for home builders. One phone call and your frame is built and erected on site, saving time for construction site staff.


Strong & True

Wall and roof frames made from TRUECORE® steel are precision engineered to be dimensionally accurate. They won’t shrink, twist or warp, reducing the likelihood of problems such as cracking cornices, jamming doors, sticking windows or wavy rooflines.

Faster Build Time

The ease and flexibility of working with TRUECORE® steel means we can preconstruct your design in sections off-site, then deliver and install in very short timeframes.

Design Flexibility

Steel framing encourages home designers to think outside the square and make the most of available space. It lends itself perfectly to innovative designs and non-conventional roof lines.

Termite Free

Wall and roof framing made from TRUECORE® steel is 100 per cent termite and borer proof. Because of this, the frames don’t require additional chemical treatments to protect them from pest attack.

Structural Guarantee

Structural integrity in all types of environments and conditions – from Australia’s cyclone-prone north to the cold climate regions of the south; in bushland, where fire is an ever present threat, and on the coast. Backed by a 50 year BlueScope Steel warranty*, TRUECORE® steel provides homeowners with the peace of mind of knowing their most valuable asset is protected by the strength of steel. * Conditions apply.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel framing delivers a range of environmental benefits, both immediate and long term. The relative light weight of steel framing, combined with its design versatility and flexibility, means a steel-framed house can be built with minimal site impact. Quite literally, it ‘touches the earth lightly’.