Steel frames are the innovation of today that make your homes, schools, old homes or any property a safer place to live. Steel is used in the structural infrastructure, specifically properties that are built in the areas prone to bushfires such as the regions surrounding Australia. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of steel frames and why they can be your best bet in areas that are prone to bushfire.


What Happens in a Bushfire Prone Area?

The last bushfires gave us quite a scare; bushfire prone areas constitute a significant part of Australia. Every year due to the high temperatures, the dry forest areas surrounding Australia catch fire. These fires start due to fuels in eucalypt forest drying out. A drought followed by a decrease in the rate of rainfall also plays a big part in causing bushfires.


Bushfires are generally slow-moving; they pass in 2-5 minutes but can smoulder for days. Fires in the tree canopies move much faster. Bushfires are not only life-threatening to humans, but they also cause a massive amount of damage to flora and fauna of the surrounding areas. In worse cases, it can also impact the property and houses in the regions.

Steel Frames

Steel frames are a structural body of any building that forms the ‘skeleton’ of a building. Steel is used as the material for building instead of timber and wood in areas that are prone to bushfires. It is a durable and non-combustible metal that helps in resisting heat and makes the house or property strong against the seasonal bushfires.

Why Use Steel Frames to Make Our Homes in these Areas

In areas like Australia that are prone to bushfires, steel-framed houses would be the best choice as they are non-combustible metal. When you think of building a fire-resistant house, the first thing is the frame of the house. Using steel in the framework of the house would ensure its durability during bushfire seasons. Let’s have a look at the benefits of steel that make it the best.

  • Non-Combustibility

Steel naturally does not catch fire. It is a non-combustible material and ideal for making property frames in bushfire prone land. By using steel frames instead of wood and timber, it will automatically reduce the number of flammable things in the house.

  • Durability

Steel frames and trusses are strong and resilient, so they provide durability to your home. Steel frames are strong and can withstand various climatic problems allowing you to keep the design of your house in good shape for many years to come.

  • High Melting Point

Steel frames are highly resilient against heat. The hottest bushfire temperature recorded is around 1150 degrees centigrade, and the melting point of steel is about 1350 degrees centigrade. This makes steel one of the ideal choices in choosing bushfire-prone materials when constructing residential and commercial properties.

  • Affordability

Steel frameworks are more affordable because they provide durability due to less maintenance. At GNL, you can get high-quality steel frames at competitive prices. In addition, choosing steel frames would impact your house maintenance in the long term:

  • No termite problems
  • The repair cost is less due to fewer cracks or nails
  • Redecoration is not needed
  • Less house maintenance


  • Flexibility

Steel frames are a designer’s dream come true because they provide broad availability for designs. Different architectural designs can be produced by using steel in the house frame. Steel frames allow designers the opportunity for more innovation in property designs, and therefore, you can build properties of various designs.

  • Recyclable

Steel is a recyclable metal which is collected from demolition sites and recycled into new steel products. Steel framing and trusses are environment friendly, and they contain recycled steel in their structure.

  • Termite Resistant

In Australia, homes often get termite attacks, which costs them significant financial disaster. Termites do not eat steel; this is why steel frames would be immune to termite attacks. Ultimately less maintenance would be needed if the house doesn’t get termite damage.

GNL Frame & Truss provide high-quality steel for the structure of your properties. Steel frames are strong and provide easy installation of products in the house; they protect the property from the seasonal bushfires and offer protection from other climatic changes.

Now you know why steel frames can be your best bet when constructing building either residential or commercial. Have you got any questions? Contact us: